Tax form conceptUnderlying Principles Of Our Service: Professionalism, Responsiveness, And Quality

Our service to clients encompasses nearly every aspect of their financial endeavors. We are experienced in all matters of accounting and taxation, business formations, business management support, financial planning, and wealth accumulation strategies.

Our value-added approach to these services includes building long-term relationships with these clients so that we can fully understand their needs and respond with the best solutions.


Business And Individual Tax Services; Confidential And Cost-Effective

Tax counseling and preparation of tax returns are among our best-known services. Tax planning to achieve the most advantageous tax position is an integral part of our services. Overall, our services include the following…

• Individuals

Planning and preparation of all necessary federal, state, and local tax returns along with reports and estimates.

• Businesses And Partnerships

Preparation of all federal and state tax returns; tax planning for business formation, acquisitions, mergers, sales of business assets, liquidations, etc.; tax research on existing problems and anticipation of future tax problems in order to minimize tax liability.

• Special Studies And Evaluations

Evaluation of future investments, tax effects on new projects, tax alternatives to reduce taxations rates, etc.

• Comprehensive Tax Analysis Programs

Complete evaluation of a client’s tax position in terms of past, present, and future analysis (including income, estate or gift tax liabilities, and recommendations to minimize or defer present or future taxation. Preparation of a confidential summary of the facts, estimates, conclusions along with our recommendations and assistance in implementing these recommendations.

Accounting Services; Timely, Accurate, And Insightful

As the basis of a client’s financial structure, accounting can be one of its most important business functions. Should our clients require assistance from experienced professionals, we can provide the following services.

• Compilations and Reviews for internal and external use

• Preparation Of Monthly, Quarterly, And Annual Financial Statements. These statements often form the basis of management’s most important financial decisions.

• Bookkeeping Services – General ledger maintenance, including the closing of client books on a periodic or annual basis.

• Financial Forecasts And Projections – Development of financial plans, including projected start-up costs, operating costs, revenue, profits, and break-even analysis.

• QuickBooks Advisory Service – We are particularly proficient in offering training and implementation of QuickBooks software.

 Business Advisory Services; Creativity And Innovative Approaches

We assist our clients in dealing with complex management issues. Some of our services include the following.

• Acquisitions And Divestiture Decisions – We are able to provide client management with vital information that assists in these decisions.

• Budgeting – Including budgets for operating results, cast flow, capital expenditures, and personnel.

• Planning Business Entity Types – Partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship, etc. We work with clients in many types of businesses in structuring entities to achieve objectives of the owner or owners.

• Cash Management – Both short term (weekly, monthly) cash flow projections to help manage ongoing cash requirements as well as long-term (annual, 3-5 year) projections for developing the necessary capital structure to meet future business needs.